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Invitation: Nagaland Chess Association invites Under-15 players (born on or after 1.1.2007 & up-to X standard) from all the districts in Nagaland to participate in the AICF -All Nagaland Schools Chess Tournament – a qualifying tournament to select players from the State to witness The 44th Chess Olympiad being hosted by India at Chennai in 28th July- 10th August 2022.


Eligibility for Participation:

 School children Below 15 Years of age (Born on or after 01/01/2007 & up-t0 X standard).

 Each player must be registered with AICF for the year 2022-2023. System of Play:

The championship will be conducted as per FIDE laws of Chess & FIDE Swiss system in 9 rounds with a time control 25 minutes+10 seconds increment from move 1.


ROUND/PROGRAM DATE TIME Inauguration 01-07-2022 09:00 AM          Round – I 01-07-2022 10:30 AM

Round – II 01-07-2022 12:00 PM             Round --III 01-07-2022 03:00 PM           Round – IV 01-07-2022 03:30 PM           Round – V 02-07--2022 05:00 PM        Round – VI 02-07-2022 09:00 AM       Round – VII 02-07-2022 10:30 AM       Round – VIII 02-07-2022 12:00 PM       Round – IX 02-07-2022 1:30 PM         Prize Distribution 02-07-2022 04:00 PM


Default Time: Default time for arriving to the chessboard is 15 minutes. Tie Break: Following is the order of tie-break: a) Buchholz Cut 1 b) Buchholz c) Sonneborn Berger d) Direct encounter e) The greater number of wins (forfeit included) Appeals Committee: Before the commencement of the championship, a five-member Appeals Committee shall be formed by the Organizers. All the members and reserves shall be from different district. No member of the Committee can vote on dispute in which a player from his own state is involved and, in such case(s), the reserves shall take his/her place in the committee. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final and binding on players concerned.

Protest: Protests, if any, against the decision of the Chief Arbiter, shall be made in writing with a protest fee of Rs. 1,000/- within 15 minutes of the occurrence of the incident. The amount shall be refunded if the appeal is upheld. Interpretation: For interpretation of the Rules and deciding any point not covered by Rules, the decision of the Tournament Committee shall be final and binding. The Tournament Committee has every right to make any additional or amendment to these rules without prior notice. Such changes, however, will be displayed at the tournament venue.


 The Champion and Runner-Up in both the category as well as the best player from Government School in both categories (in total 3 Boys & 3 Girls from each state) will get a lifetime chance to visit the Olympiad and also to interact with grandmasters and other elite participants through simuls, Lectures etc.

 These players will also be extended 3 nights stay free of cost to witness the Olympiad in addition, an amount of Rs. 2,000/- (Rs.3,000 for NE, J&K, HP) will be reimbursed as travel expenses.

Age Proof: Each participant must produce a valid certificate to prove his / her age. Certificates from School are not enough. Certificates should preferably be from the Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation obtained soon after birth. Players without date of birth will not be allowed to participate. The date of birth certificates registered within one year of the birth of the child alone will be recognized and allowed to participate. No district shall recommend any players who doesn’t come under the above criteria.

Dress Code: All the players are required to be attired in their school uniform with identity card. Players without proper uniform will not be permitted to take part in the championship. This will be strictly enforced.


AICF Registration and Tournament Registration All participants in the National Championship must be registered with AICF for the year 2022-2023. Online AICF Registrationis available in the website Those who have paid the AICF Registration fee but are yet to receive the FIDE ID should send AICF ID (Active) for the acknowledgement. Before the championship all the players must be registered with AICFfor the year 2022-2023. No entry will be accepted without AICF Player’s Registration.


There is no entry fee for participation and it is free. Players can submit their entry by the following contact number, 8837098423(Vekukho Shoho joint secretary NCA) 7005157622( Bovito joint secretary NCA).

How to check your entry, pairings & results:  Players can check their names, pairing, results and rankings on the official website of this software. Here are the steps: Please visit 1. Select ‘India’ (IND) from the list of Federation 2. Select State (Nagaland) 3. Click on the tournament (AICF- Nagaland School Chess Tournament 2022) 4. Click on the menus: starting list, pairings, rankings etc. Link for


Registration of new players: Link for renewal of AICF Registration: .

Last Date of Registration: 28rd June, 2022 .

Entry Fee for Participation & Submission of Entry: For Registration along with AICF registration may contact the following contact number. 1. Vekukho Shoho, joint secretary, NCA (8837098422) (registration) 2. Bovito, joint secretary NCA (7005157622) (registration) 3. Pelekhotuo khezhie, vice President NCA (9774419341) 4. Mughaho Awomi honorary secretary NCA and Joint secretary AICF (7005580145) Arbiters Team: Chief Arbiter: Mughaho Awomi Deputy Arbiter: Seyiekhrietuo Mere

nca logo 3.jpg
The 1st Rapid Nagaland State Open Chess Championship 2021 was held on 22nd and 23rd of October 2021,  at Nagaland Chess Association Tournament hall, Kohima.

There were Three Categories: Open, Under 14 and Under 18.
Entry fees were as follows: Open: Rs. 1000/-, Under 14 and Under 18: Rs. 500/-.

Entry was closed at 12:00 Noon on 21st October 2021.




Online State Selection Age Group

Chess Championships – 2021

(U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16, U-18 Open & Girls)

Date: 2nd June 2021

Organized By:



   Tournament Schedule


Practice event; - 31st May and 1st June at 10; 00 AM

Inauguration Wednesday 2nd June 9:00 AM

Tournament starting time: - 9; 30 AM


Championship will be played under Tornelo Platform and the number of rounds and schedule will depend on number of participants which will be discussed in players meeting. The schedule and time can be changed accordingly...more


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