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Nagaland Chess Association organizes The 19th Nagaland State Chess Championship 2023  from 19th - 22nd July at Nagaland Olympic Association Office Complex

The Nagaland Chess Association invites all players belonging to Nagaland State (domicile/inhabited) to participate in the Championship. 

The players must belong to Nagaland State as per their All India Chess Federation registration and registered with AICF for the year 2023-24. 

Entry fee:
( The registration for the event will be closed on 18th july at 3:00 pm)

The entry fee is Rs.1000/- for Open Category and Rs. 500/- for Under- 18 and under- 14 years Category.

                                          Prize Structure:

Open Category
1st prize                  - Rs. 50,000/- + Trophy & certificate 
2nd prize                - Rs. 30,000/- + Trophy & certificate 
3rd prize                 - Rs. 20,000/- + Trophy
4th position             - Rs. 10,000/-
5th position             - Rs. 5000/-
6th position             - Rs. 5000/-
7th position             - Rs. 5000/-
8th position             - Rs. 5000/-
9th position             - Rs. 5000/-
10th position            - Rs. 5000/-

Under- 18  years category

1st prize                  - Rs. 10000/- + Trophy & Certificate
2nd prize                - Rs. 7000/- + Trophy & Certificate
3rd prize                 - Rs. 5000/- + Trophy & Certificate
4th position             - Rs. 3000/-
5th position             - Rs. 3000/-

Under -14 years category

1st prize                   - Rs. 10000/- + Trophy & Certificate
2nd prize                 - Rs. 7000/- + Trophy & Certificate
3rd prize                  - Rs. 5000/- + Trophy & Certificate
4th position              - Rs. 3000/-
5th position              - Rs. 3000/-


Total Prize Money: Rs. 2,06000/- (Rupees Two Lakh and Six Thousand only)

For payment of entry fee.
Account Name:- Vekukho Soho
A/C no. 31147966227
IFSC code:- SBIN0008306
Googlepay no. 8837098422

After your payment send the receipt (screenshot) to mobile no. 8837098422 via whatsapp.

It is compulsory for all the players to fill up the following particulars.

1. Name:
2. FIDE ID: (if available)
3.AICF ID no: (mandotary)
4. Birth certificate under-18 & 14 years Category
5. For non Nagas: Produce Residential proof/Office ID Card.

Tournament Rules

System of play:
The tournament will be conducted as per FIDE Laws of Chess and FIDE swiss system with 9 rounds.

Time Control: 

Time Control shall have 60 minutes for the game with the addition of 30 second per move starting from the first move. The clocks of all games shall be started by the Arbiter.


Pairing are done according to the FIDE pairing system for Swiss events.
Tie- break system
In case  of tie the latest FIDE rules shall apply.

1.Buchholz cut 1
2. Buchholz
3. Sonneborn- Berger
4. Direct Encounter
5. The greater number of wins including forfeits
6. Number of wins with Black pieces.

One players will be eligible for one prize only and players winning prizes in age group category are required to produce valid date of birth certificate issued by panchayat/Municipality/ corporation within one year of birth or undertaking as AICF website notification in this regard and 65 years and above are required to produce valid birth certificate/Aadhaar card/ ID Card etc.

Appeals Committee:

Before the commencement of the tournament an appeal committee will be formed from the participants in the players meeting. The decision of the appeal committee will be final & binding to all.


Protest if any, against the decision of Chief Arbiter should be in writing with a protest fee of Rs.1000/- within 15 minutes of the occurrence of the incident to the appeal committee. The protest fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

Illegal moves:

1. First illegal moves will add 2 minutes to his/her opponent to the offending players opponent.
2. Second illegal moves would lose the game.


No player will be allowed to leave the venue before the Prize Distribution Ceremony without the permission of Chief Arbiter.

Sharing Prizes:

Prizes will not be shared. A player can get one prize of higher side.

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